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Example image.

On the AoPSWiki, images can be posted as a manner of accurately illustrating a problem/solution or for depicting an article.


The general syntax for an image is:

[[Image:Example.png|thumb|left|###px|Image caption]]
  • The type is either “thumb”, “thumbnail”, or “frame”. If not specified, no caption or border will appear.
  • The alignment is either “left”, “right”, “center”, or “none”. Left/center/right are self-explanatory. “None” indicates that the image will be on the left and the following text will go down to the next line (as opposed to “left”, in which the text will flow around the image)
  • The size is in px (pixels).
  • The caption should be a brief description of the image, if there is one.

To display the image inline, use the same syntax but leave type/alignment blank, and insert the code into the middle of the text you wish to place it at. To create a link to the image, use a colon; for example, [[:Image:Example.png]].


The syntax for a gallery is:

Image:Example.png|Image caption

A gallery will display several images in table format in a nice looking manner. This is useful to present a large number of images.

This article is a tutorial about the AoPSWiki or AoPS Forum.

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