AoPS Online School/MathCounts Problem Series

The MathCounts Problem Series is a 12 week course designed to prepare highly motivated MathCounts students to solve the most challenging problems in the competition. Each class takes place in the AoPS Virtual Classroom and runs for 90 minutes.

The course was written by Mathew Crawford and Richard Rusczyk. Crawford was a national test champion and a member of the national champion Alabama MathCounts team and Rusczyk was a veteran of the national competition and has been both the keynote speaker and telecaster at the national competition.

Classes are fast paced and it is highly recommended that students read back through the transcripts posted for each class.


Week by week, the MathCounts Problem Series focuses on different topics so that students can spend time focusing on each area of problem solving tested at the competition.


A transcript of each class is posted so that students can review the concepts taught in each class as well as the problems and solutions. Students are encouraged to save transcripts or print them out.

Private Class Message Board

As in all AoPS classes, students have access to a private class message board on which practice problems are posted each week. The message board is also a place where students can ask questions and share problem solving ideas. The message board is extremely active during the course and is later archived so that students can look back at discussions long after the class is over.


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