Areteem Institute's Math Zoom Winter Boot Camp (Locations Vary each year including one in Irvine, CA

During the winter break, Areteem Institute offers a fun, challenging, and intensive preparation "boot camp" for the upcoming AMC (AMC10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO), and MathCounts contest season. Students will enjoy the high-energy, fast-paced schedule of math problem-solving, discussion, group activities, and of course, outdoor recreation to refresh brain cells. The Winter Boot Camp has a special emphasis on preparation for the spring math contests and offers many lively practice sessions with challenging written and oral problems and a good-natured spirit of competition. Locations vary each year with one in Irvine, CA. In the past we have also conducted these camps in San Diego, CA and Portland, Oregon.

The Math Zoom program is similar in focus as the Summer Camps however this takes place over a five day period in December each year with one taking place Dec 19-23 and the Irvine Winter Boot Camp always taking place Dec 26-30. We will have updated information on the 2017 Winter Math Boot Camps in Late Summer/Early Fall!