Areteem Institute Summer Camp

Areteem Institute Summer Camp Programs

The Areteem Institute Summer Math Camp Programs are designed for elementary school students (ages 10-12) middle school and high school students (ages 10-17) to help improve their problem solving skills. The focus of this program is on problem solving, exploration of mathematical knowledge, and improvement of analytical skills. The program aims to help students improve their performance in math competitions, as well as their general mathematical skills if math competitions is not their main goal.

Areteem Institute Summer Camp Programs 2017

The Areteem Institute Summer Camp Programs 2017 will be held in four locations including:

-California State University, Fullerton (Residential and Day Camp options)- June 18-July 7

-Georgetown University (Residential and Day Camp options)- July 23-August 11

-Chicago Day Camp- June 12-23

-San Jose Day Camp- July 10-21

The Areteem Institute Summer Camp, home of the Math Zoom program for middle school and high school students, is a math intensive training program for those students looking to brush up on competition skills or get ready for higher level math classes in the next school year. For elementary school students, the STEM-Antics Day Camp program will engage students in math problem workshops in morning sessions and STEM-oriented hands-on activities in the afternoons including video game and robotics design!

The Math Zoom residential students and staff will be living in the residential halls on campus to maximize the collegiate experience. They will have access to the schools' many amenities including computer labs, high speed internet access and recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, etc.). Meals are provided at on-campus dining facilities for all residential students. Day campers will be provided with lunch and be able take part in the weekly workshops along with the residential students. Besides daily lectures and problem sessions, the Camp also provides evening seminars, work shops and professional guest speakers on topics such as math and STEM-related careers.

There is also plenty of fun for the campers as well! The highlight of every camp is the student Talent Show where your fellow students can perform for the entertainment of all. And of course plenty of outdoor recreational activities and weekend field trips to amusement park and local attractions in the cities we are staying in.

For more information, please go to:

Areteem Institute Website

for full details including a Camp Program Overview, Camp Curriculum and Activities and an FAQ among other pictures and videos of students at play!

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