Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad

The Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO) is a mathematics olympiad for high school students in countries on and near the Pacific rim. The olympiad started in 1989, and usually occurs on a Monday in March (often around the date of the AIME and many times the day before). It consists of five problems, worth seven points each, to be solved in one four-hour session. Each country largely grades its own papers. A country may have any number of unofficial participants, but only ten students' grades from any country are official. The APMO committee meets each year during the IMO.

In the United States, usually the previous summer's MOP participants who have not yet graduated are invited to take the APMO.

Each country can get a maximum of one gold award, two silver awards, four bronze awards, and three honorable mentions.

Region: Pacific Area
Type: Proof
Difficulty: 6 - 8
Difficulty Breakdown:

Problem 1: 6
Problem 2/3: 7
Problem 4: 7.5
Problem 5: 8

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