Summer Program

The AwesomeMath Summer Program (AMSP) is a three-week intensive summer camp for mathematically gifted middle and high school students from around the globe. The program is intended for students with a serious interest in mathematics, including those at or near the olympiad level of problem solving.


Applicants to AMSP are required to submit solutions to one of three admission tests, offered in February, April, and May. Students have ten days to complete the test, which is made available on a Friday. Many of the questions are proof-oriented.

Applicants must also solicit two letters of recommendation, one from a math teacher and one from someone who knows the student in a personal context.

Year-round Program

The AwesomeMath Year-round (or AMY) is a correspondence-based enrichment program that takes place during the academic year. The program is divided into six segments, each of which focuses on a particular topic. Each segment includes a packet of lecture notes on the topic followed by a few problem sets of varying difficulty levels.

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