Summer Program

The AwesomeMath Summer Program (AMSP) is an intensive three-week online program for gifted students from around the globe. It is designed for bright middle and high school students who wish to sharpen their problem-solving skills and further their mathematics education. Many of our participants seek to improve their performance on contests such as AMC10/12, AIME, or USA(J)MO.

Application steps for new students

Here are the steps for applying:

Step 1. Create a Student Account

Step 2. Complete the Online Application Form

Step 3. Have Your Math Teacher/Mentor Submit a Recommendation Letter

Step 4. Take the Admissions Test

Step 5. Submit a Parent Statement (optional)

AwesomeMath Academy

The AwesomeMath Academy was designed to give talented middle school and high school students the opportunity to explore mathematics, physics, and chemistry beyond the school curriculum. Our live, instructor-led, virtual classes are taught once per weekend for each 12-week semester. Students choose their classes and there is no application requirement to participate. Benefits to students include:

  • Improving performance in math, physics or chemistry competitions
  • Strengthening problem-solving skills, a competency that is necessary to excel in STEM careers.

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