Beestar Online Summer Program

Beestar Summer Program with Math, Computer Science, Reading, Science , Social Studies and Vocabulary

Beestar programs allow your child to learn and practice online to improve their problem solving skills, regardless where you will go. A systematic learning and training in summer will definitely keep your child's mind sharp and have him/her well prepared for the next grade level in fall. For many children enrolled in the past, Beestar's Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, Social Studies, and Gifted Talented Math programs have given them a head start in the new grade level and unprecedented confidence in the new classroom.

Beestar summer term has 8 weeks from June 9 to Aug 3 , 2024 and your last access date is Aug 24, 2024. Its registration will be open to all. Summer is the last term of a school calendar year. It is designed to prepare students for the next grade level in fall. For example, if your child is a second grader in spring, you should register the same grade level in summer.

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