CEMC Pascal

The CEMC Pascal contest is a multiple-choice math competition with three sections for those in grade 9 or below. It is administered by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing.


The Pascal contest is a 150-point, 60-minute competition that consists of 25 questions. They are divided into 3 sections:

  • Section A consists of 10 questions (1-10), each worth 5 points. These are multiple choice, and each question has 5 choices.
  • Section B consists of 10 questions (11-20), each worth 6 points. This section is formatted in the same way as Section A.
  • Section C consists of 5 questions (21-25), each worth 8 points. The questions are short answer. Every answer is an integer between 0 and 99 inclusive.

Unanswered questions are worth 2 points up to 10 unanswered questions. No penalties or marks are given for incorrect answers.

The questions are roughly in order of increasing difficulty, however the last few questions in a section may be harder than the first couple questions in the following section.

Some calculators are permitted.