Championnat international des jeux mathématiques et logiques

The Championnat international des jeux mathématiques et logiques (French for International mathematical and logical games championship) is a contest that consists of several problems that affects the players' logical capabilities, run by the International Mathematical Games Committee (CIJM) as an open competition.

Each member country of the CIJM has its own set of selection tests.


Eight categories exist (in U.S. equivalents):

  • 3rd grade students (CE/P1)
  • 4th and 5th grade students (CM/P2)
  • 6th and 7th grade students (C1/P3)
  • 8th and 9th grade students (C2/S1)
  • 10th, 11th and 12th grade students (L1/S2)
  • Undergraduate university students (up to a third year/second year in Quebec) {L2/PS}
  • High competition (HC)
  • General public (GP)


There are a few variations, depending on the countries. However, all international finalists in the General Public or Undergraduate University Students must compete in High Competition if they are to compete again.

The material authorized are: geometry instruments, pencil, eraser, ruler, coloring pencils and the paper supplied by the organizers. As such, no calculators are authorized.

Here is the flow of the competition:

Quarterfinals: This round begins in October, and in most countries, contestants have the choice to compete in a room (usually for the academic categories) or at a distance, favored by general-public contestants. However, Quebec is notable for ending this round earlier than other countries, sometimes one month earlier.

Semifinals: All countries organize their semifinals at the same date, usually in March.

National final: All countries organize their national final at the same date, usually in May.

The worldwide final is held in August in the University City of Paris for each cycle, which ususally start in October.

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