Cobb County Math Meets

You may have been looking for Cobb County Invitational, a fairly large tournament open to many students. This page is about a series of small tournaments open only to Cobb County students.

The Cobb County Math Meets are a series of four annual mathematics tournaments open to students attending public high schools or middle schools in Cobb County, Georgia.

There are three main meets (Fall, Winter, and Spring), which occur on Mondays throughout the year. At each tournament (besides the fall tournament), small awards are given for the previous meet. The fourth meet (known as the "trimathelon") occurs after the spring tournament and gives awards for cumulative performance in the previous three meets. In addition, there is an informal competition in which students divide into groups of three and collaborate on problems (hence the name "trimathelon").

Each tournament consists of a forty-five minute, twenty-five question multiple-choice test worth six points per correct response, and ten ciphering questions. Each ciphering question is worth ten points if completed in one minute, or five points if completed between one and two minutes. There are two divisions, namely, varsity and junior varsity. Varsity students take the written test while junior varsity ciphering occurs, and then the students switch places. Middle-schoolers also have a separate test; they usually take their tests with varsity due to some problem overlap with junior varsity.


Students interested in participating in the meets should contact their math team sponsors. Unfortunately, students who do not attend Cobb County public schools are ineligible to participate.

Dates for 2006–2007

  • Fall tournament: Monday, September 25
  • Winter tournament: Monday, November 13
  • Spring tournament: Monady, February 27
  • Trimathelon: Monday, March 27

Past Results

In the 2005–2006 school year, Lassiter High School was first place in both junior varsity and varsity divisions. Hightower Trail Middle School was first place in the middle school division.


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