Computer science and technology scholarships

The following list of computer science and technology scholarships is primarily for American students. This list can be reorganized to incorporate scholarship programs in other countries. Just make that reorganization as clear and as clean as possible.

Additions to this list are welcomed and encouraged. Please don't be stingy about letting students in on how they can finance their educations! If you are unfamiliar with how to edit a Wiki and don't have time to learn, please contact Mathew Crawford using the email with the scholarship listing you wish to contribute.

National technology scholarships

  • Microsoft Computer science scholarships with full or partial tuition and a salaried summer internship.
  • Robert Half Technology Scholarships Website (NOTE: website address changes each year)
  • Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service. Full tuition and stipends for undergraduate and graduate students in exchange for service at a federal agency. At participating institutions only. website
  • Information Assurance Scholarship Program. Scholarship funding for undergraduate and graduate students in exchange for serving DoD as a full-time employee after graduation. website
  • Future Web Developers Annual Scholarship [1]

Minority-specific technology scholarships

State-specific technology scholarships

Teaching Fellowships and Grants

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