Customizing Blogs with CSS

What is CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a computer language used to improve the user interface of websites designed with a mark up language (most notably HTML). CSS changes websites from globs of headings, texts, and images into something beautiful. CSS organize sections, changes colors, and tells links what to look like when they are clicked.

The best way to see what CSS is is to see a website without it. Here is a site we all know and love, the AoPS home page....without CSS:

  Aops Homepage without CSS.png

CSS and AoPS Blogs

AoPS has also given users the option to create blogs. These blog's designs are editable with CSS, meaning that you can make your blog much more exciting. There are many resources online for aspiring CSS users, but here you can find some tailored to those who want to design their blog with CSS.

Other resources

AoPS CSS Tutorial

AoPS Blog Design (Cascading Style Sheets)
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