Cyprus Mathematical Olympiad

The Cyprus Mathematical Olympiad (Greek: Κυπριακή Μαθηματική Ολυμπιάδα; CMO) is a Cyprus mathematics competition for students in every grade, organized by the Cyprus Mathematical Society. There is one set of problems for every grade in primary school (Dhitmotiko): 4th, 5th and 6th, another set for junior high-school (Gymnasium) and another for high-school (Lyceum). Note that Cyprus Mathematical Olympiad has nothing to do with the selection process of the national teams of Cyprus.


Students must answer 30 multiple choice mathematics problems in 60 minutes. Each correct answer gives 4 points, each wrong answer subtracts 1 point and no answer gives no points (but no points are lost). This means there is a penalty for wrong answers. Each set of problems is rewarded separately. The results are not announced except for the top 6/100 contestants of each set of problems, and they are rewarded in the ratio 1:2:3 for gold, silver and bronze metal respectively.

That means:

  • Gold medals will be awarded to the top 1/100 of the contestants.
  • Silver medals will be awarded to the next 2/100.
  • Bronze medals will be awarded to the next 3/100.

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