Davidson Fellows Scholarship

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship awards <dollar/>50,000, <dollar/>25,000 and <dollar/>10,000 scholarships to students under 18 who have completed a significant piece of work in one of the following categories: Mathematics, Science, Literature, Music, Technology, Philosophy and "Outside the Box."


  • Be under 18 on October 1 of the year of the competition. For example, to be considered for a 2011 Davidson Fellow, the applicant must be e under 18 years of age as of October 1, 2011.
  • A U.S. Citizen residing in the United States or stationed abroad due to active U.S. military duty - OR - a Permanent Resident of the United States residing in the United States

The applicant must submit evidence of a project that can be considered "significant work," meaning it is an accomplishment that experts in the field recognize as significant and has the potential to make a positive contribution to society. Each category has its own specific requirements (see list).

A Preliminary Submission Overview Form will be due in February followed by the complete application in early March. Each applicant must have three nominators.

More information and the application can be found at davidsongifted.org