Direct Image Link


The definition of a direct link to an image is a link that, when clicked, leads to a page with nothing on it but the image itself. A more complicated description is a image file that is uploaded to the web.


If you click on the following, you get a page that only has the image on it.

How to Locate a Direct Link

If you are browsing the web, and see an image you want to know the direct link to, right mouse click and then:

Select "View Image Info". You get a little window. Find the "Location", and that's your direct link.
Select "Inspect Element". You get a little frame at the bottom that says
<img style="-webkit-user-select: none" src="">
. Where it says "src=""", the link in there is the direct link.
Alternative [Chrome]:
Select "Copy Image URL" and you will have the direct link in your Paste.

How to Create a Direct Link

First, make sure your image is saved on your computer. Then go to one of these free sites to upload and get your direct link:
(After you upload, go to the Link and then follow the instructions to find the Direct Link above. If you get an account, you will have direct access to the Direct Link.)

What Direct Image Link is Useful For

You can embed images in web pages using direct image tags. To embed images in the AoPS forums, you must put bbCode [img][/img] tags around your direct link to embed it.

What A Direct Image Link Is Not

These are not direct image links, and won't work in [img] tags.

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