Education Program for Gifted Youth

Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) is a mathematics program for youth displaying gifts in academics. The program is similar to CTY but is based in Stanford University.


Currently EPGY has 5 Course Topics:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Music

Course Structure

All of the courses are distance learning courses. In an individually paced course, each student is given a personal tutor to help with the program. Every program is sent to the student, and the student is to work through the program until completed. In the program, there are a series of lectures and exercises for the student to work on. The tutor provides advice and guidance to the student by e-mail and phone. As it is individually paced, the course may take a few months up to a year. This is the style for math and computer science courses.

English courses have a different format and take advantage of the Centra Online virtual classroom. These are not individually paced, but have a strict syllabus and meet at least once a week. In English courses, students are given a booklet with stories and/or writing assignments. In the Virtual Classroom, the teacher explains the course material and explains the assignment. Students are then expected to do the assignment before the next class meets. Students may be paired up with another student to peer edit and give constructive criticism.

Summer Institutes

EPGY offers summer courses held on the Stanford Campus, now called the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes (formerly the EPGY Summer Institutes). More information can be found here

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