Welcome to the FBIA!

The FBIA stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation of AoPS. We are an elite team specially trained to fight against trolls, suspicious activity, and many other dangerous criminals and acts.

How to Join:

-Anyone can join as a regular officer Police.gif, just say /police in the comments! -Once you have become a trusted police, we will have mod elections for every month, where you can run to be a special agent Agent.gif -Admins are very prestigious, for the CEO, COO, and other such positions. I, MWZ, am the CEO, and cryptographer is the COO. Cool1.gif -You can also become a recruiter, and recruit people here, just say /recruit. You will work under cryptographer here.

Our Mission:

We pledge to protect the community of AoPS with all our power and might. We will ensure that AoPS is a safe community, and get rid of all trolls, mean users, etc.


We might add a currency, so make sure to be on the lookout!

Daily Challenge

Just get more people here to get us started, I guess?

We are currently working on


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