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Game Programming


Game Programming is a Python-based computer science online course that Art of Problem Solving offers since 2011. It is designed to introduce students with some previous experience in programming (such as the students who took the Art of Problem Solving Intro to Programming course) to creating well-structured games using PyGame, the gaming module offered by Python. The course builds on students existing knowledge, introducing them to the very important notions of object-oriented design and principles.

Getting Started

The following are a few links of interest on how to get started with PyGame:



The participants in the Games Programming class in Fall 2011 season were asked to create your own original computer game in Python using the techniques discussed during the course. Three to five finalists were picked to be sent to a panel of judges, who rated the games based on lack of errors, appropriateness to the title, and playability.

Fall 2011 Project Competition Results

Each link below goes to a ZIP archive which you will have to download and unpack. The archives include the games themselves as well as supporting files and documentation. You will need Python and Pygame installed on your computer. For each game, there is an accompanying link to a 15-second MPEG video of the gameplay.


"Action of Protecting Spacebase", created by bluecarneal, video, Source


"Adventure of Prevailing Swords", created by Axelstep, video, Source

"Attack Other Player Soon", created by kprater-314, video, Source

"Action of Projectile Shooting", created by Sprockets, video, Source

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