A namespace is the prefix to a page name.

For example, the namespace for this article is Help:, since it is part of the Help articles that document this Wiki. The namespace is separated from the article name by a colon (:) with no space.

Most articles do not have a namespace, in which case the article name is merely the entire name of the article. These articles are said to be in the main namespace.

The page name of an article can be found by typing in {{PAGENAME}} (Namespaces), which does not include the namespace. To include the name space, use {{FULLPAGENAME}} (Help:Namespaces). Articles from different namespaces can be found using Special:PrefixIndex.

List of Namespaces

Namespaces with no prefix

  • Main - General articles

Namespaces with a prefix

The following namespaces all require a prefix: the namespace's name.

  • (Wildcard) talk - Every normal page has a corresponding talk page in which discussion about the page can be held.
  • User - The user page and its subpages, pages on which a specific user can post personal odds and ends.
  • AoPSWiki - For files about the wiki.
  • Images - Graphics which are uploaded to the wiki.
  • MediaWiki - Special pages editable only by sysops which control formatting etc.
  • Template - These are templates which can be easily re-used for convenience.
  • Help - For help files relating to the wiki.
  • Categories - Articles are placed under different categories for organizations.
  • Special - Special noneditable pages.

This article is a tutorial about the AoPSWiki or AoPS Forum.