A variable is called in the form of a template (one without parameters). Variables often refer to specific aspects of the respective page or the wiki, or to time and date variables.

{{CURRENTDAY}} 27 Displays day
{{CURRENTYEAR}} 2024 Displays year
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} June Displays month
{{CURRENTTIME}} 08:36 Displays time
{{CURRENTHOUR}} 08 Displays hour
{{PAGENAME}} Variables Displays name of page (without namespace)
{{PAGENAMEE}} Variables Same as PAGENAME, but formatted for an URL.

Also, in templates, you can specify a variable in it with {{{VARNAME}}}.

Then, when the template is put onto another page, you can specify the variable as follows:


which replaces the variable with VALUE. Note that if you name the variables {{{1}}},{{{2}}},{{{3}}}, etc. then you can specify the values without listing the variable names in the template call.

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