High School Math Mentorship Program

The University of Toronto's High School Math Mentorship Program is the leading selective mathematical research program for high school students across Canada. Depending on their capabilities and interests in mathematics, students have the opportunity to produce an expository report or an original research project on a topic in higher mathematics with a graduate-level+ advisor from the University of Toronto Department of Mathematics. The program lasts 6 months, starting from January and ending in June of a given year.

Admissions is selective. 30 students are selected nationwide on the basis of a thoroughly detailed statement of purpose which includes a student's extensive history with mathematics in and outside of the classroom. Students also have to submit a letter of recommendation from a mathematics teacher.

The program culminates with a research conference where each participant presents their findings to other participants and University of Toronto faculty.

This program is analogous to the PRIMES-USA research program in the United States run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More information can be found at their website https://mathplus.math.utoronto.ca/home/mentorship.