Iberoamerican Math Olympiad

The Iberoamerican Math Olympiad (IbMO) is a mathematical Olympiad of all Latin America and countries in the Iberian Peninsula. Participants are selected based on performance in their countries' respective olympiads. This olympiad may be used for each country to identify students to participate in the IMO.

Iberoamerican MO
Region: Latin America & Iberian Peninsula
Type: Proof
Difficulty: 5.5 - 7.5
Difficulty Breakdown:

Problem 1/4: 5.5
Problem 2/5: 6.5
Problem 3/6: 7.5


Like most Olympiads, the Ibmo requires test-takers to write a well-written solution. Since 1985, there has been two papers of six questions (each worth 7 points) on each IbMO. Test-takers can only use writing utensils, rulers, and compasses on the test.