India Regional Mathematical Olympiad

The Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) is the second of series of math tests held in India. Test takers qualify by scoring high on the Pre-RMO, and high scorers move on to take the India National Olympiad.


Test takers have 3 hours to solve 6 problems. As expected, the problems are harder than the Pre-RMO.

Like most Olympiads, clear solutions are required to get credit for a problem. In particular, an unsolved problem that shows a clear solution attempt would get more points than an answer with no solution at all.



Problems and Solutions

Year Test
2023 RMO
2022 RMO
2021 RMO
2020 RMO
2019 RMO
2018 RMO
2017 RMO
2016 RMO
2015 RMO
2014 RMO
2013 RMO
2012 RMO
2011 RMO
2010 RMO
2009 RMO
2008 RMO
2007 RMO
2006 RMO
2005 RMO
2004 RMO
2003 RMO
2002 RMO
2001 RMO
2000 RMO
1999 RMO
1998 RMO

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