List of China mathematics competitions


CWMO (Western China Mathematics Olympiad) CGMO (China Girl Mathematics Olympiad) — for female secondary students CSMO (South-eastern China Mathematics Olympiad) — for secondary students CNMO (China Northern Mathematics Olympiad)

Non-Olympiads WMTC (World Math Team Championships)

CMO (China Mathematics Olympiad 中国数学奥林匹克)

CUMCM(China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest In Modeling)

TZMCM("Maths China Cup" National Online Mathematical Challenge In Modeling)

EMCM (China Undergraduate Electronic Mathematical Contest In Modeling)

National High School Math League 全国高中数学联赛

CJMO (China Junior Math Olympiad)- for middle school students

CPMO (China Primary Math Olypiad)- for elementary students

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