List of China mathematics competitions

Mathematical Olympiads (MO)

National or Regional Level

  • CWMO (China Western Mathematics Olympiad)
  • CGMO (China Girl's Mathematics Olympiad) — for female secondary students
  • CSMO (China South-eastern Mathematics Olympiad) — for secondary students
  • CNMO (China Northern Mathematics Olympiad)
  • CMO (China Mathematics Olympiad 中国数学奥林匹克)

Provincial Level

National High School Math League 全国高中数学联赛

  • CJMO (China Junior Math Olympiad)- for middle school students
  • CPMO (China Primary Math Olypiad)- for elementary students


  • WMTC (World Math Team Championships)
  • CUMCM(China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest In Modeling)
  • TZMCM("Maths China Cup" National Online Mathematical Challenge In Modeling)
  • EMCM (China Undergraduate Electronic Mathematical Contest In Modeling)
  • MCOMT/MCIME (Mani-Cretin Open Mathematics Tournament)
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