The Masters Invitational Math Contest, or MIMC is an annual math competition hosted on AoPS by several South Carolinians.


Discussion is hosted in the South Carolina Forum. The MIMC is given twice a year, and is open to all AoPS members. The contest is written by Sean, Shobhit, and Joe, with additional contributions from many others.


The contest will be 50 questions, multiple choice, ranging from National MathCounts to upper level AIME difficulty. We would like every AoPSer to participate, but do not be discouraged by harder problems towards the end. Although we encourage middle-schoolers to participate, middle schoolers are not expected to be able to anwer the higher numbered questions.


Each correct answer will earn 5 points, a question left blank will earn 1 point, and an incorrect answer will earn 0 points. Scores will range from 0 - 250.

Time Limit

Due to our inability to accurately track time participants will have four weeks to turn in answers. An extension MAY be given if more participants are needed.


Before we send out scores and compile results, I will post the answer key here. Any challenged should be PMed to MIMC Director, and our team will review the challenge, and tell you the result. After 3 days, the challenge window will be closed, and results will be posted, and scores sent out. All challenges will be decided by the MIMC Committee.

MIMC Committee

The MIMC Committee currently consists of:

MIMC Director - coordinates contest, but is a shared account, and does not vote

Shobhit V. - Problem Writer, Co-Director

Sean S. - Problem Writer, Co-Director, TeXer

Joe Laurendi - Problem Writer, Proofer

Asif K. - Proofer

Seva T. - Problem Writer, Proofer

Alex K. - Problem Writer, Proofer

Previous Contests/Results

Note that only the Top 16 Individuals are posted, the rest of the scores are sent to the test-taker via Private Message.

MIMC I: 2006 Spring Test