MathLegend27 was previously called chunyan, but is now a hybrid of a MathLegend and the fabled TheLegend27. He loves math, basketball, and reading good books. He is an aspiring youtuber as well (11 subs!). The link to his channel will be down in the Recommendations section.

About MathLegend27

  • Species = Homo Sapiens
  • Birth Year = ????
  • Goals: Make AIME/USAMO

Classes Learned On AoPS

  • Introduction to Geometry (Tim Black)
  • Introduction to Number Theory (Sarah-Marie Belcastro)
  • AMC 10 Problem Seminar
  • Intermediate Counting and Probability (Eric Wofsey)
  • Pre-Calculus (Kate Thompson)
  • Intermediate Number Theory (Alyssa Zisk)

Famous Quotes/Admired Quotes

"If you truly love math, math will reciprocate that love" -Anonymous


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