Mathcounts Week


MATHCOUNTS Week is a set of activities created by AoPS in collaboration with MATHCOUNTS that took place from 5/11/2020 to 5/15/2020. Some activities include a mock state competition and a Mathcounts Week Countdown Round. Most of the times of the activity are pi time (3:14 PM).


MATHCOUNTS is a large beginner math competition. Only middle school students can participate. There are 4 stages in the competition: school, chapter, state, and nationals, increasing in difficulty. More information could be found on their website or on their AoPS wiki page

Problems and Criticism

There are multiple problems with the activities in MATHCOUNTS week. There were people had complained about some of their answers not saving for the mock sprint and target competitions. There are at least two incidents of incorrect answers being given points in the "World Largest Countdown Round". For example, someone answered 196 on a question whose answer is 169 and their answer got posted.

Despite these issues being reported, the majority of users liked the week.


There had been many users asking for MATHCOUNTS Week to become an annual event. However, since MATHCOUNTS Week is likely created to replace MATHCOUNTS competitions canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it is unlikely that it will become an annual or repeated event.