Mustang Math Tournament

The Mustang Math Tournament (MMT) is an annual middle school competition run by Mustang Math. The tournament is held synchronously both in-person in the Western Washington Area and online.

Competition Structure

The tournament consists of three core events and a Mystery Mare round, all of which are team events. Each event has a duration of approximately 1 hour. Students form teams of up to 4 to participate in all of these events over the course of a day. Based on the grade level of the team members, teams may be placed in either the Foal, Colt, or Stallion division. In addition to the standard tournament events, Mustang Math also hosts various math-related activities during the tournament.

Core Events

Past core events of the tournament have included Bingo, Puzzle, Gallop, and Relay. The current core events are Bingo, Puzzle, and Gallop. The core events of each year’s tournament are made public to all contestants.


The Mystery Mare round is a MMT unique round. The round structure is changed yearly and is not announced until the day of the tournament. Past Mystery Mare rounds have included pressure and relay events.


Mustang Math activities are fun 1-hour sessions during the tournament where students can participate in one of several different activities. These activities all have some correlation to math but aim to show other, more fun, unique, or creative sides to math. Past activities have included Estimathons and Pixel Art competitions.

Team Structure

While most students competing in MMT are school teams, this is not a requirement. In addition, students may participate in teams of less than 4 or may field incomplete teams.


Mustang Math Tournament historically recognizes honorable mentions, distinguished honorable mentions, as well as the top 3 teams of each division for every event. MMT also recognizes the top 3 overall teams in the tournament.

Past Tournaments


  • MMT 2022: 314 participants
  • MMT 2021: 246 participants
  • MMT 2020: 195 participants


MMT 2022
Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Colt The Flying Pigs Bruh-ing Broncos Lake Norman Charter
Stallion 07734 WCT4
MMT 2021
Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Foal Willows 6 Brazen Bashers Math Musketeers
Colt Tyee-7A MathRocks Tyee-7B
Stallion Yam Ice Cream The Thunderbolts LACK
MMT 2020
Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Foal Solver CORONA Skyblue
Colt Cosmos Bots LACKS EPS Sam
Stallion Radicals Pythagoras Algebros


"MMT has a unique take on standard math competitions" - 2022 Participant

"I really appreciate all that MMT has done and I look forward to the competition that is held next year! I must say that the MMT was an impressive execution of math competitions unlike anything I've seen before!" - 2022 Participant

“One of the best organized competitions out there and extremely fun” - 2021 Participant

“The competition was unique and I would like to do it again in the future.” - 2020 Participant

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