New Jersey MathCounts

In New Jersey, CDR is official. The state round always takes place in Rutgers.

New Jersey Mathcounts National Team has very orz people.

Alexander Wang, also known as DottedCaculator, won a Gold medal (41/42, ranked #6) in IMO 2023, a Gold medal (tied #1) in RMM 2023, and a Gold medal (perfect score) in USAMO 2023.

Marvin Mao won 2021 mathcounts national. He also won a Silver medal in IMO 2023, and a Silver medal in USAMO 2023.

Evan Fan, Andrew Lin are also very orz. Andrew won a Gold medal in USAMO 2022.

Benjamin Qi won multiple IOI Gold medals. William Wang won a Gold medal in IMO 2020. Kevin Cong won a Gold medal in IMO 2022. Brian Liu won Putnam Fellow in 2022.