Octans Math Tournament

Octans Math Tournament is an online mathematics competition (team event) run by a group of mathematics enthusiasts, to help more and more students to develop interest in mathematics and encourage them to pursue mathematical research by engaging them in mathematical problem solving. This competition is open to all students studying in Class 8 to 12 (or equivalent). A team may consist of upto 6 students. There is no registration fee to register for the competition. The competition will be conducted in 2 stages:- Preliminary Round & The Champions Round. Teams that will qualify the Preliminary Round will have to participate in the Champions Round. The Preliminary Round will be a 45-minute long competition and will consist of 10-15 integer answer type Mathematical problems based on Number Theory, Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics etc. The answers to these questions will be integers from 000 to 999. In the Champions Round, the teams will be asked 6 subjective mathematical problems. The students will have to submit complete solutions to these problems.

Top 3 teams from each category will be selected for The Champions Round based on their performance in The Preliminary Round. The selection criteria may change based on the no. of participations in the Preliminary Round. Team Score should be a minimum of 33% in the Preliminary Round in order to qualify for the Champions Round. If your team score (in Preliminary Round) is less than 33%, your team won’t qualify for the Champions Round even if your team is in the top 3 positions. In such cases, if nobody satisfies the qualifying criteria in a particular category, the Champions Round won’t be held for the respective category and the certificates will be distributed on basis of the results of the Preliminary Round. All the members of a team should be the citizens of the same country.

Official Website: https://octansmath.wordpress.com

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