Ongoing Mathematical Tournaments and Marathons on AoPS

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=552232 MSTang's Weekly Math Tournament </url> Tournament Mod: MSTang (with numerous other staff)

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=540295 mathman98's Summer Tournament (cohosted by hero12) </url> Tournament Mod: mathman98 and hero12

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=529084 Mock MATHCOUNTS Nationals Competition [Submit by March 2014] </url> Tournament Mod: forthegreatergood

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=547723 kdokmeci's Fall and Winter Tourney (KTourney) </url> Tournament Tournament Mod: kdokmeci (thanks to minimario, sunny2000, bcp123, va2010 as problem writers)

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=550040 28 days later </url> Tournament Mod: va2010 and awesome

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=553923 My First Tournament </url> Tourmanent Mod: abishek99

Last updated on September 14, 2013