Online MathChamps Contest

Online MathChamps Contest (OMCC) is an online Math contest started by a group of high school students, mathematics enthusiasts and Olympiad Scholars. It is an initiative to encourage more and more students to develop interest in Mathematics and help them develop their mathematical problem solving skills. The contest was launched on 7 April, 2020.

The contest is broadly divided into two categories and two levels:-


Any person of any age, who is interested in Mathematics, can participate in the contest. However, this contest mainly targets the participation of middle and high school students. Any participant who is not a middle school or high school student is registered in NON-COMPETITIVE CATEGORY. No awards are given for NON-COMPETITIVE CATEGORY.

It is an online exam, in which the questions are generally related to OLYMPIAD MATHEMATICS. The winners (top 5 participants) of COMPETITIVE CATEGORY are emailed award certificates.

OMCC 2020 will be held in two phases:- Middle School & High School. The contest for HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL will be held in first half of 2020 and the contest for MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL will be held in later half of 2020. The official website of the contest is