Rapid Rabbit Relays

Rapid Rabbit Relays is an event during the Detroit Country Day Math Invitational Contest. The Rapid Rabbit Relays are structured such that there are 4 members in each team- 2 seventh graders and 2 eighth graders. The seventh graders are assigned role 1 or 2, being role 1 having the easier question. The eighth graders are assigned role 3 or 4, being role 4 having the more difficult question. Each mathlete is given a problem. Role 1 is to solve his question, write his answer on a scrap piece of paper, and pass that paper to role 2. Role 2 mathlete uses role 1's answer to answer his question, writes his answer on a scrap piece of paper, and passes to role 3. This continues until Role 4 uses Role 3's answer to get the team's final answer, which he writes, along with the time, on an official sheet. However, each mathlete cannot do another mathlete's problem, so it's critical that Role 1 gets his/her answer correct.