IMPORTANT EDIT: There is a log for Reaper game 77 (and possibly for future ones too). The chance of a multiplier (seen below) is about 10%, while the chance of an octuple reap is 0.1%.

AoPS's famous button clicking game, Reaper.

To access any upcoming or current games, please hover your mouse over the FTW tab, and then click "Reaper". Alternatively, click here.


Reaper is a strategy game in which you have to reap the biggest amount of time possible before someone else with the same ambition does!

Source: chaotic_iak
The objective in Reaper is to reap as much time as possible, and eventually reach the objective of the given game.

The main page of Reaper has all games that are running or planned to run. Click on any of them to access the game.

In a running game, there are some objects that affect the game; the details of each game, the running timer that goes up from 0 seconds, the "Click to REAP this time" button, and the scoreboard.

The details provide anything that is specific for the given game. For example, Game 18's details is: "One reap per 24 hours. Must have 7 days to win." So a user is allowed to reap once every 24 hours, and the target is to get seven days (168 hours).

The running timer tells the time that a user will get when the user clicks the "Click to REAP this time" button. Generally, everyone playing will aim to reap as much time as possible, but beware; the timer is shared among ALL users, so if someone reaped, the timer resets for all users.

When a person reaps (clicks the button), the person will claim the time that is on the timer. For example, if the timer tells "Last reap was 20 minutes ago." and a person reaps at that exact time, the person will get 20 minutes, which is added to his/her running total.

The scoreboard lists the users, along with their respective total time, number of reaps, and average time gained per reap, ordered descending by the total time. Only those who have actually reaped are shown on the scoreboard. Players who have joined the game but have not reaped are not shown.

The point of Reaper is to make a strategy to reap the most and to have patience, so that the user, perhaps you (anyone reading this), will win.

"Snipe" is a term commonly used in Reaper. "To snipe" is to reap just before another person, such that the person that snipes gets the time while the person sniped gets only much less time (usually around single-digit seconds). "Snipe" as a noun refers to an occasion of someone sniping another. "Double-snipe" refers to the act where two people are sniped at the same time by another person. By extension, "triple-snipe" refers to the act where three people are sniped at the same time, and so on.


What is Reaper?

Reaper is a game of strategy and time-management in AoPS. You can access it here.

How do I play?

Click to reap. The time shown on the timer will belong to you, and the timer will be reset. To win, meet the requirements, which is currently always "reach xyz hours/days first". Read the aforementioned sticky for more information.

Why do I get much less time (0-10 seconds) than what the timer on Reaper shows?

It's called sniping and it's usual. Reaper is designed to update every 5-10 seconds, so in the meantime between a Reaper update and your reap, there might be another person who reaped the time already (and Reaper hasn't shown this because it hasn't updated). Refresh your page before reaping to ensure Reaper has refreshed and you don't get sniped.
P.S. If you propose that Reaper should make its update rate higher, it will bring down the server.

Why do I get much more time than what the timer on Reaper shows?

If you are lucky, you can get a multiplied reap. This is when the time you gain is multiplied by a certain number. A Double Reap is not that rare, but an Octuple Reap is!

just wondering, I go to the page often, and it never has games planed or active, is it not a thing anymore? some other person who reads this please respond, I am new to aops It is a thing. The game is going on right now.

Where can I find who won games that aren't in the Hall of Fame?

Go to the Reaper Archives.