Roman numerals

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1 - I (unus)

5 - V (quinque)

10 - X (decem)

50 - L

100 - C (centum)

500 - D

1000 - M (mille)

Numbers are written as combinations of letters. Letters are written from biggest to smallest value. Instead of writing IIII for 4, IV is used. To "subtract," a smaller-value letter is placed before a larger-value letter. This done to make numbers smaller (e.g. IX instead of VIIII).


The ancient Romans developed a numeration system 3000 years ago. This system, now known as Roman numerals, lasted several centuries as the main numeration system. Today, Roman numerals are still used, but not as much as they were 3000 years ago.

You can also add a line on top to multiply the number by 1,000.


513 - DXIII

99 - IC

2006 - MMVI

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