Soli Deo Gloria Home Educators

Soli Deo Gloria Math Club encourages and challenges home schooled students from the Southeast Metro Atlanta area with local and national math competitions.

Competition brings out the best in these students. The focus of the club is not on winning, but on learning new strategies to attack seemingly impossible problems. Sharing these ideas is an integral part of the club – it is the team work aspect that inspires the students to keep trying.

"Soli Deo Gloria" means "for the Glory of God Alone", which Bach wrote on his scores. This reflects the religious nature of the homeschool families which participate. This name also reminds students to be thankful for their mathematical gifts, and not to be arrogant and prideful when they win.

Participation in all events is never required. Family needs must come before outside activities such as this.

Who should participate in which events?

Students in the 6th grade and lower are invited to participate in the MOEMS competitions if they are fluent in their basic facts, are good readers, and are using an above grade level curriculum. These word problems challenge students to think creatively to find the answers.

Middle school students (6-8) should participate in both the MOEMS and MathCounts events as well as the AMC 8, all locally. Only those selected for the MathCounts team will travel for the Chapter competition in February. Those in Pre Algeba and higher can participate in additional competitions, both at the library and traveling.

High school students are very welcome participate in the MOEMS and MathCounts events as well, though their scores will not be used for awards. Many of the high school level events are divided by the student's current math class or grade level. The AMC 10 and 12 and the Mandelbrot are national classroom-administered tests. High school math meets are generally on Saturdays at high schools or colleges. Those at colleges allow the student to become familiar with the campus and location of a potential college match.


In 2004-5, the club won its chapter in MathCounts and the team advanced to state competition, with one advancing to the National Finals. Last year, one student advanced to state MathCounts and the high school team was exceptional. On the Mandelbrot Exams, the high school team was ranked 41st in the Eastern Region in 2005-06. The ITest Team ranked 46 of 300 nationally, and the club had an American Invitational Math Exam Invitee. The JV team placed 4th at the Georgia Tech Math Meet, with one of the students placing first and winning a $1000 scholarship. The club had the 10th place winner at the UGA meet, and placed 3rd as a team at Furman.


The club will have a kickoff picnic with an awards presentation recognizing last year's high scorers in September. The club generally meet on various Wednesdays at noon at the local library.


No one will be turned away for financial need, but events may be cut for lack of funding. The youngest group competes only in the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), which costs only $89 for the group for 5 events.

Middle school students compete in seven events at club meetings and a few at high schools in the Atlanta Area. For this, it is necessary to raise at least $55 per student in order to register our teams.

The club's high school team participates in some of the most difficult national competitions. In order to continue our tough schedule, it is necessary to raise at least $60 per student, plus extra for away meets.

The Soli Deo Gloria Math Club is a Local Program Initiative of the Art of Problem Solving Foundation, a 501(C)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows. A fund raising letter is available for your use.


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