South Carolina ARML

The South Carolina ARML teams and the South Carolina All-State team are very closely related. In fact, the ARML teams are a subset of the All-State team. The All-State Team consists of about 60 students and out of these 60, over 30 mathletes are chosen to travel via bus to compete in the annual American Regions Mathematics League. Historically, until 2007, the team has traveled to Penn State University to compete, while in 2008 the team traveled to the University of Georgia.

Historical Results

In 2006, South Carolina fielded two teams, Shrimp and Grits, who came in 16th and 55th in the nation in Division B, respectively.

The 2006 roster was as follows:

South Carolina Grits:

  • Brian Bowers
  • Junda Chen
  • Noah Fram
  • Ben Hamner
  • David Henshaw
  • Jason Kang
  • Asif Khan
  • Joseph Laurendi
  • Harry Richman
  • Kelly Sprague
  • Jaydeep Srimani
  • Rono Srimani
  • Shobhit Vishnoi
  • Bella Wang
  • Fangda Xu

South Carolina Shrimp:

  • Christopher Boyd
  • Vicki Buckingham
  • Rudy Busch
  • David Christopher
  • Jessie Ge
  • Ankit Grover
  • Anna Hegquist
  • David Jensen
  • Rui Jiang
  • Hui Lin
  • Don Mackay
  • Aaron Markham
  • Carmen Ng
  • Sean Soni
  • Katie Sprague
  • Ian Taylor
  • Kaileen Yeh

In 2007, South Carolina again fielded two teams, Doom and Gloom, who came in 1st and 55th in the nation in Division B, respectively.

In 2008, Doom came in 34th in Division A, while Gloom placed 58th in Division B.

How to Join

Historically, to join the SC All-State Team, one took a preliminary exam administered through their school. For more information, please contact

The preliminary exam is composed of 25 questions (non multiple choice), and is usually composed of easy to mid range AMC-12 level questions. From this exam, approximately 50-60 of the top scorers from the state are selected into the South Carolina All State Mathematics Team. After an individual is accepted into the SC All State Team, he or she is invited to one or two ARML practices which usually compose of individual tests, team tests, and a power round test.

In 2008, invitations to the SC All-State Math Team were based on one's performance in earlier competitions. The team met regularly in May to prepare for ARML.

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