Stanford Mathematics Tournament

The Stanford Mathematics Tournament (SMT) is an annual high school competition run by the Stanford University Mathematical Organization (SUMO). Stanford students organize the tournament and write questions in collaboration with organizers of a similar tournament at Rice University. The tournament is held in February each year at the same time as the Rice University Mathematics Tournament.


The tournament consists of five individual events: Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Topics, Calculus, and General. Students can choose to enter two of the subject tests or the general test. Subject tests contain ten short-answer questions to be solved in 50 minutes, while the general test has 20 questions in 110 minutes. In both cases, questions are worth one point. The team score on this portion of the competition is the sum of the individual scores; a team consists of up to eight students. Standings for individuals are computed only event-by-event; there is no overall individual score.

The Team Event consists of 15 questions to be solved in 50 minutes by the entire team working together.

Since 2007, the contest has also included a Power Question.

Most teams competing in the tournament are school teams, but this is not a requirement. Going in Circles Academy, an out-of-school gifted education program, has competed at the tournament in the past and been successful. In addition, incomplete teams may be filled out by students lacking a team if they so desire.

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