Stanford Mathematics Tournament

The Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) is an annual high school math competition run by students at Stanford University each spring. The competition has run annually since 2000; since 2022 it has been held both virtually and in-person for students from around the globe.


The tournament consists of an individual round, a team round, a power round, and a guts round.

Individual Round

The Individual Round consists of subject tests in Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Math, and Geometry (each 10 questions, 50 minutes). In the past, a General Round (25 questions, 110 minutes) has also been done.

Team Round

In the Team Round, teams of 5-6 work together to solve a 10-question test. The questions are short-answer and scale in difficulty.

Power Round

The Power Round is a similarly proof-based team round where teams prove foundational results in a unique topic, tied together by a common theme. Topics in the past have included game theory and market design.

Guts Round

The Guts round is a fast-paced team round with 27 short answer questions, divided into sets of 3, each set getting higher in difficulty. Teams send a "runner" to submit the current set and receive a new one. Grading is done simultaneously with a live scoreboard displayed during the round.

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