Talk:2008 AMC 12A Problems/Problem 18

I tried to improve this solution. Before, the solution was not bad, but when I was reading it some general principles came to mind, some of which could improve the solution. Here they are.

  • Use space.
    • It makes solutions easier to follow.
  • Bring attention to important ideas.
    • Usually, a problem's correct multiple choice letter or numerical answer is not an interesting or important idea, so do not bring it undue attention with boxes or arrows. Instead, use space to draw attention to your solution's main points.
  • Make calculations simple, explicit, and easy to follow.
  • Use complete sentences and good grammar.
  • Prefer words to symbols, unless symbols improve clarity.
    • In particular, avoid symbols such as "$\implies$" and "$\therefore$" in the flow of a sentence.
  • Avoid abbreviations such as "WLOG", "LHS", "WTS", and "ISTS".
    • You will be more courteous to readers who do not know what they mean. Your writeup will also have more dignity : it will read more like a polished exposition and less like a student's scratchwork.

Thanks, Boy Soprano II 23:20, 18 February 2008 (EST)