Talk:Partial fraction decomposition

Looks great. Some suggestions though. I think you should first explain the method and THEN talk about the applications of it instead of putting the definition and applications together. Partial fractions doesn't require any calculus, though if I were new to it I might think it does just by how you explained it.

Also, for further edits, some examples are needed.

Joe 19:32, 18 June 2006 (EDT)

The writer of the previous version mentioned something not "parsing" correctly. I think he meant that the LaTeX didn't show up properly on his screen, or it showed up as italicized text. If this was the case, it can be fixed by fiddling around in your Preferences. Otherwise, feel free to change it back. -bictor717, 2/16/2007 (I'm on a Mac and the toolbar with the signature button doesn't display.)