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TenMarks Education, Inc. provides personalized online math practice and enrichment programs for third through tenth graders using a structured approach of practice, on-demand hints, video instructions and real time results.

Founded in 2009, TenMarks Education is located in Newton, MA and is supported by angel investors and a team of veteran educational and technical advisors. TenMarks has its offices at 38 Glen Avenue, Newton, MA 02459.


TenMarks Education, Inc. was founded by entrepreneurial parents searching for a better way to help students achieve their potential in math, and supplement their classroom learning. The founders saw an opportunity to leverage the internet to help meet the challenges parents and teachers face when trying to advance math achievement, given the unique learning needs of every child.

The founders knew that in order to reach and engage students, they would need to leverage technology and media in a way that is consistent with how students interact with information everyday. The TenMarks team worked closely with experienced educators and technologists to develop a method that allows students to practice and learn math in an intuitive way, receive hints and video instructions exactly when they need it, and provide results that are personalized and relevant.

Product Offerings

TenMarks provides personalized online math practice and enrichment programs for third through tenth graders using a structured program of practice, on-demand hints, video instruction and real time results.

TenMarks’ approach is based on three core principles:

• Personalized learning

• On-Demand instruction and assistance

• Practice helps

TenMarks has been used by thousands of students, and has programs deployed in schools across the country.

How it Works

1. Registration

Parents and educators sign up a student and TenMarks creates a curriculum based on the students’ grade and proficiency levels, mapped to their state standards.

2. Program Guides the Student

The TenMarks program guides the student through their personalized curriculum, one concept at a time. It tracks the students’ activity and proficiency levels to personalize their interactive worksheets.

3. Interactive Worksheets

Each of TenMarks’ interactive worksheets has 10 unique questions, which focuses on one concept at a time. While students practice, the program provides a variety of question types and styles for each topic.

4. Learning & Practice with On-Demand Instruction and Help

Students have instant access to quick 3-5 minute video lessons and hints, which provide immediate support. These instructional videos are also great for previewing concepts and quick-on-the-spot learning.

5. Results and Recommendations

TenMarks analyzes each student’s activity and results. Parents and educators can monitor and analyze the student’s work and performance, and review recommendations on practice areas and video instructions. They can also modify the student’s program to include more enrichment concepts, or remedial practice.

6. Rewards and Games

Students receive certificates of mastery for completed concepts, and after practicing on TenMarks, students can access their “Rewards Zone” to play fun strategy and skill building games. Parents can also set a personal reward for their student to further motivate the student to succeed.


TenMarks’ approach is based on three core principles:

- Personalized Learning: TenMarks personalizes the students’ learning experience while following a curriculum based on their grade, proficiency level and learning preferences. Interactive worksheets adjust automatically to the needs of the student, and accommodate different learning styles and aptitudes.

- On-Demand Instruction: TenMarks provides "on demand" hints and video lessons that can be accessed at any time - before starting an interactive worksheet to preview concepts; or when students get stuck with a problem.

- Practice Helps: The TenMarks program is specifically designed to enable students to practice effectively. Students also receive real time feedback which helps them improve their performance.

Students need a strong foundation in math to be prepared for a successful higher-education experience. According to scores on the 2006 ACT college entrance exam, only 42% of students applying to four-year institutions are ready for college-level work in math.


• June 2009: Launched Beta Program for Middle School Math (6th, 7th and 8th Grade), pilot at a Middle School in Boston
• July 2009: Launched the "Step Up" Math Summer Program for Middle Schoolers
• September 2009: Raised First Round of Angel Investment
• October 2009: TenMarks goes Live with Middle School Curriculum in Math
• December 2009: TenMarks Live for Elementary School - Math for Grades 3,4,5 added
• January 2010: TenMarks Rolled Out at two Schools to Measure Efficacy
• February 2010: TenMarks for High School Math Launched
• March 2010: TenMarks Placement Assessment Released to Help Automate Personalization of TenMarks Curriculum
• April 2010: TenMarks launches TeacherZone - A free library of math videos for teachers

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