The Mani-Cretin Mathematical Examinations

The Mani-Cretin Mathematical Examinations refer to a series of secondary school mathematics competitions hosted by the Mani-Cretin Mathematics Association (MCMA), and, since 2022, the Secondary Science Society (SSS).


PSC, which stands for Providential Science Competition, is a secondary competition in the natural sciences that is held three times per year. It covers topics such as chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, etc. Although the variety of subjects covered in the PSC does require contestants to have a wide range of knowledge, the ultimate goal of the PSC is for students to develop general problem solving skills, various scientific reasoning skills, and be engaged in a process of creative thinking. The problems on the PSC can mostly be solved using a middle school level content knowledge, however, some of the problems can be extremely challenging to solve within the time limit. The PSC is administered by the Secondary Science Society and MCMA.


The MCOMT is held twice a year and is the largest of the competitions administrated by the MCMA. The paper is in a fill-in-the-blanks format with a total of eight questions. Each question is worth 5 points, and all questions are to be completed within the designated 40 minutes. The difficulty of the MCOMT lies somewhere in-between introductory and intermediate, covering the entire secondary mathematics curriculum (though with a focus on algebra). The aim of the MCOMT is for students to solve interesting problems within their problem-solving capabilities, thus fostering interest in mathematics as well as proficiency in problem solving. The competition is suited for all secondary students, especially those who have an interest in mathematics.


The MCIME, also known as "MCOMT Invitational", is an annual competition for high-scorers on the MCOMT. Participation in the MCIME is by invitation only. Different from MCOMT, the MCIME consists of 4 problems which must be completed within 3 hours, followed by 2 open-ended "explorational" problems to be completed within 1 day. An organized and logical proof is required for each question. The MCIME is more difficult than the MCOMT, however the knowledge required to solve these problems does not exceed the standard secondary school curriculum.

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