UCSD/GSDMC High School Honors Mathematics Contest

Brief Overview

San Diego Honors Math Contest is a math contest held annually by the University of San Diego. It is a tradition that can be traced back to 1948. This contest is mainly directed towards mathematically-talented high school students, and each year hundreds of students participate.

The contest is mainly composed of two parts, part I and part II. Both parts are 90 minutes long, but part I consists of 25 multiple choice questions. Each correct answer is worth 4 points, incorrect answer is -1 points, and 0 points for leaving it blank. The total score for part I is 100 points. Part II consists of 4 long-answer problems, each worth 25 points. Students are expected to write out their full thoughts and reasons, and are graded on their explanations.

Each school may enter a team of as many students desired.

After the contest, there will be an award ceremony in UCSD . All participants are invited to the ceremony and are eligible for individual awards. The top 25 ranked students (based on their total score on Parts I and II) will receive certificates; the top 5 will receive prizes. Team scores will be calculated as the sum of the top 3 scores on Part I, plus the top 3 scores on Part II (not necessarily from the same 3 students for each part).

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