Hello! My name is Androo. Currently 13 years old, Cherry Creek High School 2017! I joined Art Of Problem Solving on July 27, 2011 in the nighttime.



2011 AMC 8

18 :(

2012 AMC 8

In my final American Mathematics Competitions 8, I scored a 22 :( 2 careless.


2013 AMC 10A/B

87 on both.


2010-2011 MATHCOUNTS Season

Barely qualified for school team (11th place, then some guy couldn't go) and scored so low on Chapter I never learned my score

2011-2012 MATHCOUNTS Season

In the 2011-2012 MATHCOUNTS Season my school MATHCOUNTS Program was extremely disjoined and did not use the MATHCOUNTS School Sprint/Target/Team/CD (used the handbook...), and I got a 39 at Chapter and opted to do the State Spelling Bee over the State MATHCOUNTS Competition. I probably would've bombed the State MATHCOUNTS anyway.

2012-2013 MATHCOUNTS Season

With a gargantuan effort in the summer of 2012, I managed to get a 45 at Chapter, 44 at State, thereby punching my ticket to the 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition! However, I made too many careless errors as a result of my study habits >< and somewhat failed, barely reaching the top 50% of the 224 Mathletes.

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