Explanation of Username and Alcumus

When I was in 5th grade, I won 1st place in my grade in the Bergen County Academies Math Competition (now renamed to Joe Holbrook Math Competition), and one of the prizes was a $40 AoPS gift certificate. Back then, I didn't know what AoPS was, so one day, I came onto this site for the first time and browsed the bookstore. I ended up getting Volume 1. Later, I came back and checked out the other sections of the site. I wasn't interesting in classes. Nor did I pay much attention to the forum. But Alcumus, FTW, and the Videos caught my attention. Eventually, I started using my friend's account in order to use Alcumus and play FTW (I could watch the videos without an account). Most of the time I spent on AoPS back then was on Alcumus. I ended up getting redirected to the forum for solutions to many questions, and started exploring the rest of it. At the same time, my friend was also occasionally using Alcumus, but got many questions wrong, lowering the progress and making it harder for me to level up. I decided that it would be for me to start fresh. There was no reset feature back then, so I created my own account. Hence this name. I posted for the first time on the forums two days later. Alcumus is a very motivational math platform to help encourage math.

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