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This being is generally thought of as an omnipotent god, and has been potrayed in many different forms.


Pokemon: A rare, super legendary Pokemon called "FouteeToooo" that can only be caught at Lvl. 99. It is of the "PwN" type, and has the most powerful moves in any games, including: -Blast Burn -Volt Tackle -Solar Blast -Hydro Cannon

Magic-The Gathering: Known as "TeH BeAsT GuY", it is a colorless card that requires 15 mana to summon, it has 20/20, Shadow, Flanking, Flying, Reach, Double Strike, and Graft 5.

World Religion: The "chief god" of every religion has been proven to be some adaptation of the omnipotent god. Proof: Hinduism-There are three main gods. Vishnu, "The Protector", Shiva, "The Destroyer", and Brahma, "The Creator". It was noted in the book of Hindu religious leader Akram Parsi that, "Brahma first came out of the mass that began life, and thus, he was that mass. Next came Shiva and Vishnu, and these three appear to be forms of the beginning of everything.

Christianity-There is the Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. It is noticed that, in the card games mentioned above, the god sports a very small scar in the shape of a cross. The Christians may have interpreted that as a god of their own. Then, the Father created the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Islam-The chief god is Allah. From Islamic texts, the description of Allah is much like that of the god. "He is all, he created us, and he shall judge us." ~The Qur'an.

[For proofs on Buddhism, Judaism, and more, visit]

AoPS: Here, this being is known by His Chosen Username: algebra2000. However, this being has only around 120 posts, as He does not stoop down so low as to converse regularly with mortals. He has grand plans for His Chosen Website...

TeH CuLt

Hello! Join Teh CuLt, of the True God, otherwise known as algebra2000, TeH BeAsT GuY, and Fouteetooooo. Memberships are starting at 455.99! However, if you call now, you'll get 150 dollars off! That's a 2 dollar value, for 305.99! Buy now, they're running out!

"You should not have hired Billy Mays, faithful one.

"I...I...I'm sorry, I won't displease you again."

"I would say that I am not without mercy, but thats lying! DIE!"

"*gagging sound*"

Math Competition Stuffs

4th Grade: No competitions. So apparently I was decent at math.

5th Grade: School only offered one competition, a.k.a. a Math "Olympiad", consisting of 5 tests in a year, with 5 fail problems that u get half an hour to do. I failed and got 24/25.

6th Grade: My school is beast, and so I didn't get to go to chapter. Maybe I should have studied harder. Anyways, 20/25 76.5 AMC10A. Wow. Also epic failed the NEML with a 37/40, and the CML with a 29/30. On numerous other competitions, like IMLEM, SIGMA, and ASMA, I failed.

7th Grade: 10th Chapter with a 42, should have gotten 3rd or something with a 44. Unfortunately, I missed the easiest target round question ever. Anyways, beat 3 ppl in an unofficial CD. Then, at states, I was nervous and failed the sprint round, then got high off chocolate chip muffins and failed the target. So, I failed states. 22/25 AMC8. A little better. 108 AMC10A/B. That seriously fails. Then a 40/40 on the NEML, state winner, yay, and a 30/30 on the CML. On the other competitions, like IMLEM, SIGMA, and ASMA, I failed.

8th Grade goals: Chapter CD, make Nats, top 50 Nats. 25/25 AMC8, as high as I can AMC10, at least a 5 AIME, hopefully make USAMO and get a positive score on that. NEML 40/40 again, CML 30/30 again, and on the other competitions, don't fail.

9th Grade goals: Red MOP, idk what else.

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