Areteem Institute (Home of Math Zoom) is an accredited, prestigious, educational organization servicing students and educators around the world by providing more opportunities for enriching academic experiences.

Since 2004, we have specialized in developing innovative and in-depth curriculum for students and teachers that provide an opportunity to explore and excel in STEM-related subjects. We now have expanded our curriculum. Currently we teach full-time and supplementary courses, offered online and at our onsite Irvine location, in all subjects including mathematics, science and the humanities. The members of our faculty all have advanced professional degrees in their fields of study and have been essential in helping our school grow and thrive over the years.

Beyond our courses, we also host our academic camp programs including winter boot camps in December and our summer residential and day camps from June to August. Our flagship Math Zoom Winter Boot Camp is geared to students participating in the following year's math contest season while our summer camps are held on university campus locations. Students stay for two to three weeks where they experience college life first-hand and are engaged in a variety of fun classes, activities and field trips. In 2015 we are hosting our camps at UCLA, the University of Chicago and Boston College!

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