I started using Bictor717 as a username when I was asked to type in a screenname for AOL and couldn't think of anything else. I don't use AOL anymore, but I also use Yahoo! with this username. It's a clever conglomeration of my name, Barry, and my brother's name, Victor. Of course, 7/17 is my birthday. At the time, I hadn't heard of HCSSiM, but when I went in 2003, I had an excellent 16th birthday (among other excellent events).

I like to play Set and Canadian fish, sometimes simultaneously. I can solve the Rubik's cube in just under a minute on a good day and juggle round, small objects for a bit longer than that. The most athletic I get is either playing ultimate Frisbee or running to catch busses, mostly downhill.

I graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, class of 2005. I'm pretty sure I was starter on the math team all four years, but I can't recall for freshman year. I was a member of the New York City math team in my junior year, a co-captain my senior year, and a coach now. I took the AMC 4 times, and made the AIME thrice. My AIME scores, in chronological order, were 1,3,7. Note that they follow a recursive pattern, $a_{n+1}=2a_n+1$; the next score is 15...

I attend Brown University now (math major).

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