I've taken numerous math courses on AoPS before, such as Intro-Inter Alg, Intro-counting, AMC10 special and etc. It would be awesome if I can make AIME or even USAMO, but those are only a part of the reason I study math. The other part is to learn to accept failure when facing difficult problems, in math and in life. It also helps with insomnia.

Ridley-C says @bove: Most "insomniacs" don't actually have insomnia.

Ridley-C says: bluespruce is a tree?

RandomPieKevin says: bluespruce is a blue spruce tree! :)

RPK proceeds to say some pretty crazy things

(I've only altered the parts that are non-realistic etc).

As you can see on RPK's user page, he has written quite a crazy story about me. Which I do not intend on deleting because he is my friend and I respect his decision. But please do not do that on my page.

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