if u r by the weirdest chance here i don't have anything to say. ofc if i wanted to i'd create a wiki page that would rival gmaas's, but i don't want to.

welcome to my wiki page, ig.

intro of myself? woah i don't have all the time in the world man, these days i'm busy from morning to night. better work on my efficiency, though it's already higher than it has ever been.

also did i forget to mention how pr0 olympushero is?!


welcome, ig.

why am i even doing this?

also i love socializing. and i'm very friendly (at least most of the time). shoot me a pm and i'll be happy to talk to you.

also if ur reading this plz consider not saying "i accept friend requests" on ur status. it's cringy.

do i sound shady? if i do i'm not like that on the rest of aops ok? just check out my blog then u'll see how not shady i am.

i'm not joking.

also pineapple doesn't belong on pizza.


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